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The best book on handling the family home during a divorce. Written by Laurel Starks.

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Client Testimonials


Grace and respect…

As a family law attorney, I see so many clients go through the emotional toll when selling the family home. Recently Leslie assisted my client with the sale of the marital home against the backdrop of a highly charged pending divorce matter. Leslie approached the transaction with grace, respect, and most of all kindness to her clients. She provided stellar and compassionate service, while maintaining trust and efficiency for all involved. Leslie was instrumental in helping my client move forward both financially and emotionally. I highly recommend her!

Jessica Weiner


The calm in the middle of the storm…

My experience with Leslie and Ali was absolutely outstanding! They truly served as a calm in the middle of a storm. Leslie understands the stress that comes along with the divorce/home selling process as she has lived it, and helps both parties navigate the entire journey. The minute they walked through the door, Leslie and Ali provided guidance in terms of preparing the home for sale. The light Leslie and Ali brought helped guide me through a dark and difficult moment In my life. I recommend them to any couple going through a divorce.

Simon Yohanan


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