How to Sell a House Quickly During a Divorce

Divorce itself isn’t easy. Dealing with assets during divorce is even more difficult. Clients often ask me how they can sell their home quickly and painlessly. 

A house is usually the largest asset a couple has together and for this reason, what happens to the home during a divorce is a huge decision. However, by learning the most efficient actions to take when selling a house during a divorce, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and make it a lot easier on yourself and everyone involved.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some concrete steps you can take in order to ensure you sell your house quickly, efficiently, and as painlessly as possible. Leslie Glazier Group has helped hundreds of clients through this process, so we hope to help you in this short article!


Have a Plan

Before going through with selling your house, make sure you have a plan in place. The last thing you want to do is leave a rough situation for one that is worse, especially if you have children involved. Selling the house right away without a plan in place can create a lot of stability which can have a negative impact on not only your life but your child’s life as well.

Of course, not every situation grants the grace of time, however, a good plan can always help you move more quickly in the long run because it helps avoid foreseeable mistakes. 

Once plans are set in place, discuss with the other party what you should do in regards to your asset, your home. Once you agree to sell the home, ideally with the help of a CDRE (certified divorce real estate agent) make sure you get all the necessary paperwork and documentation for the divorce settlement. This is to ensure all parties remain entitled to their part of the asset, or whatever is agreed upon by both parties through negotiation. 



Choose a Real Estate Agent

Unless you have expertise in real estate, it is strongly advised that you look to sell your house with a real estate agent. As previously mentioned, ideally this agent would be a CDRE. This removes a lot of the responsibility for the home from your hands, allowing you to get through the divorce without worrying about your home. Having a person who knows how to be a neutral third party and work for the house will be extremely beneficial to you in the long run and help get things done as quickly as possible.

Real estate professionals, especially those who specialize in divorce real estate, understand the desire to want to sell a home as quickly as possible when couples are going through a divorce and have the necessary experience to help you do just that.

Both parties will still work to negotiate with the real estate agent so that both are content with the way it is sold and how much it is sold for. Fair price evaluation is invaluable and these professionals will work with you to negotiate a realistic price based on the market value at the time. Clients can rest assured they are getting what your house is valued for, quickly and efficiently. 

Those are a few logistical reasons why working with a CDRE may be best during these times. Overall, real estate agents will help you sell your home fast while also being personable when it comes to the situation you are dealing with.



Complete Quick Repairs

The last thing any seller wants is to have a perfect buyer fall through due to too many repairs needing to be finished! While some repairs may take longer and require negotiation with the buyer, simple repairs should be prioritized to give your house the best shot at being sold. Simple repairs always make the biggest difference!

By making sure the house is sold in good condition and repairs are mostly completed, it is more likely that you will gain the interest of potential buyers. Hopefully, this will reduce the risk of potential buyers falling through with the closing process, making the sale go through much quicker.

If you do not want to make repairs in the home and are looking for the fastest way to sell your house, you can always look to sell to a cash buyer that will buy your home as is as well. However, you should expect your home to be valued at a lower price this route.


Stage The Home

Consider hiring a professional stager, and sometimes, real estate agents can do this for you. Leslie Glazier Group, for example, provides accessorial staging, as well as full virtual staging. This is a service we are happy to provide to our clients because it makes all the difference in closing a sale. 

In order to sell the house as quickly as possible, you want to convince potential buyers that this house is perfect for them. By staging the home in a way that allows them to picture their life in your home, it will draw them in and hopefully make an offer on the house.

You can always stage your home yourself, however, why not pass this work off to a professional during this difficult time? Hiring a professional stager will get all the hard work done for you, leaving you space and time to get through your current situation.




In the end, your house is your biggest asset, but it was also once a home. It is a difficult process to sell a home without the aspect of divorce, so getting the home sold quickly is critical to your overall success and mental well-being!

By letting professionals handle the repairs, staging, and selling of your home, you can take a lot of unnecessary stress off your plate and focus on getting through your divorce. The faster you are able to get your house sold, the less responsibility you will have and the more time you will have to move on.

If this sounds like it resonates with you, and you are in need of a professional in the divorce real estate world, Leslie Glazier Group would be happy to speak to you further and talk about the next steps. It’s critical to find a real estate professional who has your best interest in mind and will do the most to help you in this divorce.