6 Questions to Ask A Potential Real Estate Agent Before Deciding


Pretty much anything that has to do with the real estate industry is a big deal. Whether you’re looking to sell a property, rent a property, or buy a property, you have big decisions to make. Finding your perfect real estate agent is going to help you get there, but how do you find them?!

The first big decision you have to make is your goal. Selling, buying, or renting. Since you’ve landed on this blog, chances are you’re already in this process!

So the next question is: who are you going to choose to help aid you in choosing a home or selling your home? In whose hands are you going to put your trust?

It’s never an easy choice. Motives, intentions, reliability, previous history, communication skills…all things to consider, among so many other things, when choosing a real estate agent to work with.

Because Leslie Glazer Group has decades of experience among us, we want to use our experience to help make your life a little easier. We have come up with six important questions you should be asking every real estate agent before you choose to hire them.



1. What is Your Experience in the Real Estate Industry?

This first one is a great starter. Finding out the agent’s experience in the real estate industry and how long they have been a RE agent can help establish credibility, reliability, and track record.

One may think of not diving very deep with this question, but we recommend you do. Think about asking who the real estate agent has worked with, where they got their education and knowledge from, to what degree they are certified, if they have any special certifications, and how long they have been working in their current role.

Why ask all these questions? We believe that a real estate agent’s skill is reflected in the knowledge they’ve accumulated. Whether through the years or really putting their heads to the books, this will shape the way the agent conducts business. It is important to truly understand who you will be putting your trust in, how you will be treated, and how much personal significance your goals will be given.

Bonus tip: don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials either! Most real estate agents have asked previous clients for testimonials and they should be able to give you the perspective of working with the potential agent. If you want to speak to a past client you can also ask if there are any references you can contact.


2. What Are Your Individual Sales?

Now that you know about the real estate agent’s experience, it’s important to find out how successful they have been in the industry.

A good question to ask this is: how many homes do you sell per year on average? This is not only a good question for buyers or sellers, it’s actually great for both!

As a seller, you can get an idea of how many clients they have worked for and you can also try to ask what the average price each house is sold at per year. You could also ask what types of homes or properties are their specialties when it comes to selling. This will help you understand how your property may be valued. Does this agent have experience with properties similar to yours? Do they seem familiar with the area your property is in?

As a buyer, you will get an idea of how many perfect properties this real estate agent has paired with buyers. By knowing this, you will be able to see if this agent is good at listening and understanding their clients’ needs or not. If a buyer finds their perfect home, what more can the buyer ask for?


3. Are You a Full-Time Real Estate Agent?

You might think that every real estate agent works full-time, but just like any other job, there are part-time RE agents out there as well.

Asking this question will gauge the amount of time going into your search to find either the perfect property or the perfect buyer. It’s okay to be selfish in this situation, like we said before, any decision with real estate is a big deal.

If you aren’t in a hurry to buy, rent, or sell a house, then it might be okay to consider part-time real estate agents. If you also meet an agent you really like and trust, don’t be afraid to hire someone that is part-time.

This shouldn’t be a complete deal-breaker, but definitely something worth asking so you can know exactly what your timeline will look like.


4. Are you a Solo Agent?

In other words, you want to know who exactly you will be working with. Ask them if you will be working solely with them as the real estate agent, or if their team will be handling some of the tasks.

This is important to ask because if you want a more personal relationship with the agent, you won’t want them delegating tasks to the rest of their team. If you just want the most help in the fastest manner, you may want an agent that relies on their team to complete some tasks.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to this question. It’s all up to what you want and is looking for as a buyer, seller, or renter.

5. What Other Services Do You Provide?

Some real estate groups, such as Leslie Glazier Group, offer services such as staging. You can download our free guide here to learn more about the importance of staging, and what we offer in additional services. However, staging a home almost always increases the value of a home and is critical to a home sale. Why not go with an agent who provides these services in house?

Additionally, Whether you’re about to sell a property or invest in one, chances are you are going to need more than just a real estate agent. So ask the agent if they have any recommendations for whatever you need, which could be as simple as a moving company or as complex as a real estate attorney.

Simply put, the answer to this question may just make your life easier. Whether or not you choose to hire this agent, you probably just got a solid recommendation to solve whatever problem you have. Having an agent with a trusted vendor’s list will save you time and money!

Real estate agents should have strong connections to anything and anyone revolving around the real estate industry because so much of their work is tied to other aspects of the industry. Knowing the answer to this question will show you the expansiveness of their network and also how personal they get with their clients.


6. What is Your Average Timeline?

Ask what the agent’s timeline usually looks like. This one is important. And if you try to look past the initial answer, you might find out more about the real estate agent.

For buyers, ask how much time passes on average between the first property being shown to an offer being closed. Also ask how many houses on average does the agent show each buyer. With these questions, you will get an idea of how the real estate agent works. Does it seem like they are putting effort into finding a perfect property tailored to their buyers’ needs? Or does it seem like the agent is showing the buyer just any house?

For sellers, knowing the average timetable will give you an idea of how large this real estate agent’s network is. You can also ask how many of their sales don’t go through, on average. You want to work with a real estate agent who knows how to choose and work with qualified buyers. If an agent is just going with the first offer on the table every time, they run the risk of trusting unqualified buyers and having offers fall through and fall through.


At the end of the day, it’s up to you. Knowing what you’re looking for in a real estate agent will easily help you find the right one for your situation. 

But as people, none of us real estate agents have ever been in the same exact shoes as one another, none of us have sold the same listings, none of us have worked with the same clients. We are all different, no matter the degree.

However, we all have the same end goal. And that is to make your life easier. With the questions we provided, we hope you find a real estate agent that fits your needs perfectly.

Leslie Glazier Group knows the Chicagoland market inside and out, with over 30 years of combined experience, we know how to get your house sold and help you find your dream home. We have an arsenal of trusted professionals in our area, as well as providing additional services such as virtual and real home staging. We wish you good luck on your search for the perfect real estate agent, and if you’d like more information from us and our services, don’t hesitate to reach out!