Fair Market Valuations

Rate Schedule for Fair Market Valuations


Sight-Unseen CMA

Description: Desktop research on the subject property and a hand-selected comparable analysis, based on my local market expertise (as opposed to an automated, Zillow Zestimate type of analysis). This does not take into consideration the condition of the property, which can drastically affect its value, and therefore I provide a range of value.

Best Use: To get an idea of a ballpark value that is more reliable than an online automated valuation, but not suitable for establishing a true value for settlement or trial.

  • Current Value Range: Free of Charge


Court-Ready Fair Market Valuation

Description: This includes a site visit, visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the property, pictures, an interview with the parties regarding their knowledge of the condition, improvements, and repairs, as well as an in-depth market analysis, MLS history on the property, and report to which I will testify, if called upon.

Best Use: To determine a neutral, reliable, and expert opinion of the value for either litigation / trial, or settlement purposes

  • Current Value: $400


Fair Market Rental Valuation

Description: This includes a site visit, visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the property, pictures, and an in-depth analysis and report to which I will testify if called upon.

  • Current Value: $400

Expert testimony rates, if necessary, are billed separately.

  • If you are in need of #2 - The Court-Ready Fair Market Valuation, in order to get started, I will need to know who is living in the property, and their contact information, as well as who to send my report to, and who is paying my fee.
  • My turn-around time is up to 5 business days after I have performed the site visit, (not including weekends or holidays).
  • I will send an invoice, and as soon as it is satisfied, I will send or present my report/findings.
  • *Mediation/Collaboration Cases: $300/hour

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