5 Maintenance Skills All Homeowners Should Know

Owning a home can be one of the most important parts of a satisfying lifestyle. The joy of coming home to someplace you can call your very own offers security and comfort. Yet owning a home comes with responsibilities as well; maintaining the home in proper condition is critical to avoid larger problems later.


While some people are handier than others, here are 5 maintenance skills anyone can master.

1. How to Turn off Your Gas and Water

If you smell gas or have a water leak, taking quick action to shut off the source to the home while you wait for a professional can save thousands of dollars, and even lives.

2. Understanding How Electricity Is Fed to Your Home

Learn how to reset GFI outlets and popped breakers at the panel to avoid expensive house calls.

3. How to Find a Wall Stud

Avoid drywall repair when hanging pictures or shelves.


4. How to Change Your Air Filters

Keep your air fresh and your HVAC systems running efficiently.

5. How to Address Simple Plumbing

From fixing a running toilet to re-caulking the shower, simple plumbing related issues can save money in service calls and damage.